Our Staff

Meet our BioPro staff:

Dr. Alan Low
Primary Care Pharmacist (Pharmacy Manager)

Lysa Leong
Primary Care Pharmacist (Operations Manager)

James Chow
Primary Care Pharmacist

Judy Lee
Primary Care Pharmacist

Shereen Low
Pharmacy Assistant

You may schedule an appointment with pharmacists who have had additional and advanced training in are variety of disease states and pharmaceutical techniques as well as advanced Degrees from Accredited Universities and Accredited Pharmacy Residency Programs (eg. Post-Graduate Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency Program, Certified Diabetes Educator)

Our clinical pharmacists are trained and specialize in therapeutic areas of diabetes, rheumatology (joint and muscle conditions), deprescribing, and dermatology. Our pharmacists are trained in physical assessment techniques that include the assessment of major organ function and can help provide care and recommendations related to minor medical ailments.