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Metagenics Vitamins:
Quality Meets Transparency

Metagenics Vitamins care about their credibility

For over 30 years, they have committed to deliver safe, reliable nutritional solutions that work. They build evidence-based formulas which allow you to see exactly what is inside.

T h e y  p u t  t e s t i n g   b e f o r e   t r e n d s .

With a highly trained, in-house research & development team, they stay at the forefront of emerging science to deliver innovative formulas that set the standard. For every ingredient they source, they require much more than a Certificate of Analysis from the supplier. 

Learn about their oath to quality...

In a desire to provide optimal patient care we supply Metagenics Vitamins. Come in to talk to our pharmacists today to see if there is a supplement or vitamin you should be taking!