About BioPro

At BioPro Biologics Pharmacy we support you so you can derive the most benefit from your medications.  Working with your healthcare providers, we help to coordinate your care, administration and coverage of your medications.

Specialty medications are powerful medications which are complex in their use and monitoring, often expensive with a sophisticated process for coverage and reimbursement.  Not only do we routinely provide consultations with patients on the benefits, risks, and precautions associated with drug therapy, we assist in navigating the complexities and ensuring you receive the coverage you are entitled.

We offer skin care consultations for general skin health including scar prevention, acne, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging, and have a state of the art compounding laboratory for compounded medications.  Among many specialized skin care products, we offer Blend and Boost, a unique product and consultation customized to your individual skin care and skin treatment solutions.

At BioPro Pharmacy, we have a de-prescribing consultation which helps you identify medications which you may no longer require or medications which the dosage can now be reduced.  This is done in collaboration with your physician.  Our Primary Care Pharmacists can help de-prescribe medications, which means they can provide the guidance and direction needed to reduce or discontinue medications which you may not need anymore due to changes in your health, lifestyle, age, or resolution of the initial issue which the medication was initiated.  

BioPro Pharmacists can provide consultations in a variety of health conditions to help you select the best therapeutic option customized to your preferences and coverage.  We provide information and education in terms which has meaning to you which you can understand and apply.

BioPro Pharmacy is the world’s first location of the Solius, a device which delivers a specific spectrum of UV light which stimulates the body to produce Vitamin D naturally without just a few minutes of light exposure on a weekly basis.

At BioPro, we have semi-private consultations areas as well as private consultation Pods equipped with computer screens so we can visually show you illustrations and information during our consultations.  In addition, we regularly hold public education forums on a variety of health topics in the early evening with food and refreshments served.  We also hold healthcare professional education sessions with nearby physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and other allied healthcare providers.       

BioPro Biologics Pharmacy is working in full collaboration with healthcare specialists and people with medical conditions. We will ensure:

You understand the use, benefits and risks associated with their medications

You are receiving the best individualized choice of medications for optimal health outcomes

You are taking or administering medications correctly

We aim to be the preeminent Specialized Collaborative Pharmacy in Canada.