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We deliver patient-centred care through our comprehensive pharmacy services.

At BioPro we offer a variety of health services such as dispensing, individual medications consultations, customized compounding, de-prescribing consults, continuous biologics/biosimilar stock, vaccinations, and so much more.

Promotional Offer in partnership with Inagene Diagnostics: order one of the pharmacogenomic tests from Inagene, and when you use Promo Code BioproConsult before checking out, you will receive a $10 discount on the regular test cost and a complimentary consultation on your test results with a BioPro Pharmacist ($90 value). Consultation can be done in person, via video conference or telephone.

Our Patient Consultation Pods

We have a fully functioning dispensary area where you can bring in your prescriptions.

We offer individualized approach to patient care and can consult with you on your health conditions and treatments. With an initial consultation, with no charge to you, we can discuss an individualized care plan to optimize the benefits of your medicines and minimize the side effects.

At BioPro Biologics Pharmacy we have the capabilities of compounding any oral and topical medication to meet your health needs. Using state of the art equipment, we will produce a compounded pharmaceutical product that is customized to your preferences. For example, we can work with you to identify flavours for oral medications to ensure the treatment is pleasant for you to take.

A consultation where we complete a comprehensive care plan to eliminate any unnecessary medications.

As pharmacists, we provide injections of all the necessary vaccines and immunizations. Visit our patient resource page to see which vaccines are right for you.

Update: We continue to provide vaccination services during the COVID-19 pandemic with appropriate safety measures in place. Our BioPro Pharmacists are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Due to our unique location we work closely with a group of specialist physicians (rheumatologists and neurologists) and always have biologics and biosimilars in stock.

Did you know you might not be getting the optimal amount of Vitamin D through supplementation alone?

SOLIUS is a highly innovative technology which isolates and emits only the wavelengths of light that contribute to vitamin D synthesis, without the harmful UVA rays present in the sun’s energy. The SOLIUS booth solves the most common problem with supplements: inadequate absorption and insufficient dose. Treatment in the booth is an effective method for individuals who are unable to absorb adequate amounts of vitamin D in the digestive tract, such as those with a digestive disease. With the booth, patients will receive optimal vitamin D exposure and their body will metabolize the correct dosage for their health needs.

Are you looking for an updated skin care routine? Do you have specific skin care needs that have not been addressed fully?

Blend & Boost is a concept which began with a pharmaceutical company that utilized advanced research and development to establish an effective method of personalized skin care.

Are you starting or currently taking a medication administered by intravenous infusion? Talk to a BioPro Pharmacist about our infusion services. We provide a comfortable and private environment for patients to receive infusions at our clinic locations in Vancouver. Infusions are administered by registered nurses and physicians are always nearby to provide assessment if needed. Medications include zoledronic acid, iron infusions, infliximab, and others. Depending on the medication, infusions may be no charge to the patient or there may be an infusion fee. Speak to a BioPro Pharmacist today for details or call 778-379-8161.