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About Us

In our medication consultations, you will have the opportunity to speak to our clinical pharmacists in a private setting within the comfort of our modernized meeting pods. Everything discussed will be kept confidential. We can view your medical charts and pull up relevant information on our electronic screens. These consultations involve a comfortable, yet thorough conversation between you and the pharmacist. We will run through any medication-related concerns you may have regarding your therapy, vitamins, supplements, or natural health products. We have a responsibility to educate and at the end of it all, let us help you decide what is best for you.

BioPro Biologics Pharmacy is a clinical healthcare site, located with a group of Specialist physicians working toward the best possible patient outcomes. The focus is on providing best possible patient care that is outcome orientated, consultative, and comprehensive.  Although usual prescription drugs are dispensed at the pharmacy, there is a focus on speciality pharmaceuticals.  We are focused on the best use of drug products and related health therapies and we do not normally stock supermarket items.

Our pharmacists here at BioPro Biologics also have unique knowledge in skin care, compounding, biologics medications, bone health, and genomics. We offer services in these areas through private consultations. Please ask one of our pharmacists for information.

BioPro Biologics Pharmacy is designed to provide services that give you a superb experience as we educate and answer questions about your medication therapy. We aim to provide a premium health experience and carry premium health product lines.  HCF