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A New Approach to Healthcare

BioPro exists to push the boundaries of the pharmacy profession through seamless collaboration within the healthcare team and most importantly involving you, the patient, in shared decision-making for the best possible health outcomes.

Our Vision

To create a fully collaborative clinical healthcare site comprised of pharmacists, specialist physicians, nurses, and the patient

1. The best individualized choice of medications

2. Medications taken correctly and are clearly understood

3. Practical and useful treatment related information resulting in informed decisions

Our Mission

Through a variety of services offered, BioPro focuses on providing a premium health experience for each person who walks through our doors

1. Deliver in-depth consultations with patient using an evidence-based approach and offer access to specialized products

2. Engage the patient through informed shared decision making related to drug therapy

3. Liberate patients from angst and confusion by working collaboratively with patients and their specialist physicians, family physicians and/or other healthcare providers and caregivers

4. Individualize medication management care plans by identifying and solving patient's individual medication related issues and optimizing drug payment coverage

5. Resolve medications related issues to provide the best outcomes and quality of life